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Real Client Work.
Real Experience.

Less internship.
More Apprenticeship.


experience is king.

We believe you learn better by doing. Our internship program was built to give you real experience, guided by one of our team members here in Charlotte, NC or Los Angeles, CA who actually works in your area of interest. On top of that, we offer engaging learning sessions directly with our senior leadership where you can ask questions and dig into real projects. Our program was handcrafted by previous interns to create an enjoyable, yet challenging experience.


what is the triple crown?



Real work, real stakes. At Tiny Horse you and your fellow interns will be challenged with leading a summer-long project for a real Tiny Horse client. By working as a team under the direction of a mentor, interns use their skills and abilities to provide valuable services to their client.


02 Developing your T-SHAPE

The best thinkers and doers are “T-Shaped.” That means having a basic understanding of a wide array of skills while having a deep knowledge in a few particular areas. At Tiny Horse, interns are exposed to every facet of the agency while diving deep with your supervisor to hone your expertise.

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03 PERSONALIZED Mentorship

Your development is driven by your passions, guided by your staff mentor, and designed to prepare you for your future career. Your mentor will spend quality time understanding where you want to go and finding the right, unique path for you.


Choose your stable.

tiny horse interns can choose from a variety of focus roles.


Account Services


Paid Media


Strategy / Social Media


Creative / Production


Straight from the Horse’s Mouth


Brittney woods // Former Account services intern

"As a Tiny Horse intern, I had the amazing opportunity to lead an internal project, engage in collaborative work with other interns, and participate in development sessions that helped to further my growth in marketing techniques. The staff was so welcoming and the office space is incredible. Who wouldn't love the chance to intern here?!"

Favorite part of the triple crown:
"The staff was the best part. They were so eager and willing to teach us. Also, the intern teachings because we were able to learn different aspects of the marketing industry from the entire team."


Nick Thomsen // Former Creative intern

“My summer wouldn’t have been the same without this internship. I feel like I’ve grown so much professionally and even more creatively. Now looking forward, I believe I am more equipped to work in this field or anywhere just from this one internship. Just being able to work hands-on with the creative department on real client projects has given me so much hope for what I can pursue professionally here on out! “

Favorite part of the triple crown:
“i really enjoyed how involved the staff was with the interns and just the office’s vibe as well. I feel like I made real connections with the staff there!”

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DANIEL GAMLIN // Former Strategy intern

“Not all internships are created equal. The best internships are the ones that include truly meaningful work, and that is exactly what you get as a Tiny Horse intern. From taking the reins on a client project to seeing your work go from ideation to implementation, interns at Tiny Horse make a tangible, meaningful impact during their experience. “

Favorite part of the triple crown: "Being able to say, ‘I want to learn about a new marketing topic’ and having an expert in the office more than happy to teach you (and the endless supply of chocolate covered esperesso beans).”

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“What separated this internship from the previous ones I’ve had is the level of dedication of the staff along with the amount of fun you have working on real projects. You always hear about how much an internship will benefit you, but this one took me by surprise and left me better than before. This summer wouldn’t have been the same without the Tiny Horse internship.”

Favorite part of the triple crown: “Definitely the ENVIRONMENT of the office and being able to interact with such KNOWLEDGABLE people in the industry. You don’t get these opportunities often so i felt i needed to make the most of it.”


let’s get you in the saddle!

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